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Therapy has a broad range but one purpose, and that is to help individuals to be the best version of themselves. Finding out who the person is versus who they think they are is not as easy a concept as one might think. This is where we come in! So, if a therapist's job is to help individuals become the best version of themselves, how does a therapist do that for themselves? Therapists are from all walks of life and have their own stories to tell, just like the individuals they help. It is hard for many people to understand why we chose this field as a career, or how it chose us as a career. We are trusted with secrets that, in many cases, will never get shared with others.As a therapist, you must have a heart for the person you are caring for. If we didn’t, a lot of secrets would become public knowledge. As a therapist, we find it to be a privilege to be allowed to work with individuals from all walks of life.This book gives us a platform to tell our stories. We are giving others a chance to learn about “our hearts” and the love we have for what we do. Having a heart for our clients does not mean that we give them our heart, but there is a portion that is available to get the client to feel that we are worthy of their trust. The Heart of a Therapist takes you on a journey to understanding the hearts of 10 different therapists. They will tell you things that make you think; some will make you cry, and others will make you laugh hysterically. So, take a journey with us into the hearts of these 10 different therapists as they give you an opportunity to see into The Heart of a Therapist!

The Heart of a Therapist

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